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From Americana Highways

Karyn Oliver — “Cry Hallelujah” 

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Karyn Oliver’s new song “Cry Hallelujah,” from her forthcoming album Cherchez La Femme.The album was produced by Katherine Etzel and due to be released this spring.   The song will be available on February 17. 

“Cry Hallelujah” is Karyn Oliver on guitar and vocals, and background vocals; Katherine Etzel on background vocals; Carolann Solebello on bass; Cheryl Prashker on drums; Kate Maguire on guitars and Allison Tartalia on keyboards. Easy keyboard notes, played with a spaciousness in between each one, draw you in like the very essence of thoughtfulness, and then Oliver’s vocals ring out as they gently step up and rise to a crescendo and the song has bloomed.  “I never saw my face before, and I cry Hallelujah… just in case.” 

“Cry Hallelujah” is a song about regret and the search for redemption. It was inspired by the words of Maya Angelou “When you knew better, you did better.” When we can see the humanity in ourselves and others, everything shifts. It’s a yearning for connection, a cry into the void “…in case you’re crying Hallelujah, too. — Karyn Oliver


WINNER of the 2020 South Florida Folk Festival Songwriting Competition!

"The fire of a Folk musician is at the heart of the stories on 'A List of Names.' (The CD) shifts sounds, blending diverse styles guided by the vocal drive of Karyn Oliver." 
- Danny McCloskey, The Alternate Root

"Powerful songs shared by one of the most incredible voices on the acoustic music scene!”

  • Ron Olesko, WFDU